Where are the open-source Code Coverage tools for .NET?

I posted the following message on a developer list. I’m so frustrated by the lack of alternatives to nCover…..

We’ve been using the free version of NCover in a number of our projects (v1.5.8), and for the most part, we’re happy with what it does.

However we’ve recently come to realise that the free download for nCover doesn’t work on x64 machines (incompatibility when it tries to register the profiling DLL). This prompted me to have a look for another free/OSS product which would work in the same or similar manner as nCover….and i’m coming back empty-handed.

Am i the only person who has questioned why i should need to purchase the enterprise version of the product, just for x64 support? And more importantly, how come there is a complete drought of alternatives for nCover? I’ve found PartCover, but haven’t used it and it doesn’t look to be as complete as nCover….

I’m shocked, given that the OSS community seems mad about creating alternatives and derivatives for toolsets (think NUnit vs MBUNit vs xUnit or NMock vs Rhino Mocks vs Moq …). There seems to be a number of alternatives for other TDD tools, but as far as coverage goes, is nCover really the only thing out there?

If you know any, i’d like to hear about it….

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